Build your own workflow with MergeX

MergeX is a freely configurable, modular efficiency tool that includes modules for calendar, notes, tasks, focus, statistics, and more. With modules and module plugins, you can easily build your own workflow.


Build your own home page

Configure your own homepage with a combination of modules and plugins


Rich built-in modules

MergeX has built-in modules including: Notes, Calendar, Tasks, Focus, Statistics and more. It allows you to easily accomplish all your needs in one app.


Multiple theme color schemes

With up to seven built-in theme colorways for MergeX, you've got more options, whether it's a dark mode or a bright mode.


Use MergeX in all devices

MergeX App supports iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With MergeX, you can seamlessly switch between all your devices, whether it's notes, tasks, or your schedule.

A truly All in One tool

In addition to MergeX's already built-in modules for notes, calendar, tasks, focus, and statistics, MergeX will develop more modules in the future, so let's see it become a true All in One tool!